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Sen. Kit Bond Puts the Hit on Republican Mayor

January 24th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

From Daily Kos:

By Jo Etta

Crossposted from Show Me Progress:

The GOP is worried about the Fann race in house district 16, St. Charles County. Or at least Kit Bond is, since Fann’s Republican opponent, Mark Parkinson, is Bond’s protege, and Bond figures the Republican mayor of St. Peters has been … too kind … to Tom Fann. Parkinson is barely thirty and has only one job on his resume: as an aide to Kit Bond.

So we know why Bond wants Parkinson to win. Let me tell you why I believe Bond is worried about his guy: he bothered to show up in St. Charles within the last few days to ream out Mayor Len Pagano for apparently endorsing Tom Fann.

Jo Etta’s diary

Not that Pagano did endorse Fann. Not really. It all started when a Fann campaign worker put together a piece of campaign literature with a picture of Fann and Pagano on the back, with words of praise from Pagano about Tom. Those words were in quotation marks, but weren’t actually quoted. They were only the gist of remarks Pagano had made about Fann. Fann himself, preoccupied at the time with his daughter’s kidney infection, didn’t proofread and approve the literature before it went out on a doorhanger to several thousand homes.

The substance of Bond’s conversation with Pagano was: THREAT–according to a well connected birdie I know. Read more…



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  • 1 Roland Wetzel // Jan 24, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    Len did not endorse Fann, and will send out a letter so stating. I plan to file an Ethics Complaint after the election — since these SOBs did this too close to the election to do so (according to Ethics rules).
    I hope folks in the 16th realize how underhanded Fann and the Dems have acted.
    Pay attention to who published this — the George Soros-supported “Daily Kos!”

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