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St. Louis police officers call chet pleban a slimy weasel scumbag | Missouri Political News Service

St. Louis Cop Talk: Pleban “Slimy Weasel Scum Bag”

January 3rd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

St. Louis Attorney Chet Pleban was named in November as the new lead counsel for Jay Nixon’s “independent investigation” into deleted emails in the governor’s office. Many current and former St. Louis police officers don’t seem to have a high opinion of Mr. Pleban.

From St. Louis Cop Talk:

“I was on a bus headed to Jefferson City back in 1976 with a load of coppers to lobby the legislature for our pay/benefits. We were rear ended by a 16 wheeler in St. Chas County. If it had been a bus load of old timers it would have been worse. Young men can take a lot of trauma. The men in the rear got bloody, but most of us got the whip lash as seats were broken from their mounts. I ended up on the floor with the rest of the men. A fleet of ambulances took us to St Chas County Hospital for treatment/exams. We didn’t know then what we know now. I took a backwards sommersault out of my seat and then kicked the side widow out of the bus as smoke was coming from the rear. Chet Pleban was on retainer at the time for the association.We thought he would be the man to hire. He took me and many others as clients. Back then we didn’t know he was a slimy weasel scum bag. I got 300 bucks. My back still hurts.”

The “Slimy weasel scum bag” got you $300.00? That wasn’t much back in ’76…”

“It did not turn out well for me. He told me I had a great case and explained everything he could/would do for me. The case got thrown out when some of the court required paperwork was not filed on time. He blamed his associate for not filing the papers in a timely manner and added it wasn’t that good of a case after all. I think he was just covering his rear about how good the case was, otherwise why did he take it to begin with? Also, I hired him, not his associate. He had a good reputation but certainly didn’t live up to it in my book.”



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