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St. Louis Fox Affiliate Allows Pleban to Go Unchallenged While Discussing E-mail Investigation

December 12th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Shoot your lover in the head? Viciously slash a woman to death? Feel you were unjustly slandered by a school-board member? If you answered yes to any of the preceding, there’s only one man to call: ace attorney Chet Pleban. – Riverfront times

In a shameful display of media bias this morning, the Fox network affiliate in St. Louis (Video) allowed St. Louis attorney and lead counsel for Jay Nixon’s deleted email investigation Chet Pleban, to go unchallenged while he repeatedly interspersed his personal opinions along with the facts of the case:

Pleban: “We’re getting some road blocks. I sent a letter to the governor asking hey, are you going to cooperate with the investigation, yes or no? I get a letter back from a lawyer – a special lawyer – he has hired. Why that’s necessary, I’m not sure.”

The anchor then asks Pleban if the lawyer is on the public payroll? Pleban responds:

“Well he was. He was a Missouri Supreme Court Judge.”

For complete disclosure, Pleban is a regular guest on the morning show and gives his legal opinions on current or controversial cases. That being said, I have NEVER witnessed an investigator – or anyone involved with an ongoing investigation – discussing a case so publicly. While viewing the three minute segment on the Internet, I kept waiting for the anchors’ to say they had invited someone from the Blunt administration to counter Pleban, but unfortunately it never came. I almost felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and had been transported to Russia or China where the state routinely controls the media and is often one sided in its reporting. Shameful Fox 2!


My Fox St. Louis: Gov. Blunt Acquires Special Counsel Amid Email Controversy



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  • 1 John Pertzborn // Jan 23, 2008 at 5:27 am

    The Blunt Administration was called constantly. Matt had a standing invitation to come on our morning show during his administration. The only time Matt ever joined us that I can remember was when he was running for office. He was even contacted by my contacts in the Republican party to join us. For some reason, Matt Blunt doesn’t like being on live unscripted on TV. He needs to get over that as he prepares for what ever office his dad and politicos have planned for him in the future.

    Fox 2 News In The Morning goes out of its way to be Fair and Balanced. The staff is very diverse and we debate the issues constantly off and on the air.

    John Pertzborn

  • 2 judi vanderMark // May 13, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    I am all for Phyllis Schafly and am thankful for her stance and her outspokenness on issues that are dear to my heart. There are many of us out here who totally support Ms. Schafly’s views and find that the feminist movement and much that it represents can be detrimental to women; I speak from experience as I was once a feminist myself.

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