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Recap, Kansas City May Day Immigration Rally: | Missouri Political News Service

Recap, Kansas City May Day Immigration Rally:

May 2nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

From The MU Latino:

Chances are that if you tuned in today then you probably already know that I’m supportive of comprehensive immigration reform, as well as this country’s desperate need for a new breed of intelligent, literate legislators in Washington, since thus far America is clearly lacking in that venue. So instead I’ll just post a few quick links for you to fume in utter pale-faced outrage over as the mainstream media attempts to cover an issue they clearly don’t have the professional ability to handle. The only conclusion I’ve come to about yesterday’s rally is that my mad-lovely brown people are smart enough and strong enough to march with or without media support, AND ultimately…. journalists can’t count. Seriously, at this point, I’m considering sending each major media outlet in the Midwest a box of pocket calculators because, as you’ll see, each article quotes a completely different tally.

So first let me warn you, if you want genuine Kansas City news, don’t settle for a half-ass, paid-off, newshound employed by whichever corporate conglomerate has the authority to sway their minions’ coverage with the issuance of paltry paychecks to untalented reporters. Instead check the blogosphere for the real-live gritty, gully-gully, no nonsense, anti-bureaucrat, uncut lowdown on how this country, and especially Kansas City, really operates. Read more…



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