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Presidential Hopefuls Coming | Missouri Political News Service

Presidential Hopefuls Coming

May 2nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments


By Antonio D. French

Several leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for President will be making moves in Missouri throughout the month of May.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton canceled her Saturday, May 5, visit to Kansas City this week, but she is still scheduled to be in St. Louis on Friday for a $1,000-per-ticket fundraiser downtown. For $2,300, supporters can also attend a special VIP event in addition to the main reception at the Renaissance Grand Hotel.

Next week, Clinton’s chief rival, Senator Barack Obama, will be in town for a fundraiser of his own at The Moolah Theatre, 3821 Lindell Blvd. Read more…


From the Angry Black Bitch: “Ready or Not, Here They Come”


A bitch has been pondering the political race that is now clearly upon us. All manner of presidential candidates, eager to dazzle and woo the middle territory that is Missouri, will be coming to town in the month of May.


Politics is local, chil’ren…but political campaigns rarely are.

When politicians visit St. Louis they usually attend some shined up community effort and pander to the disconnected masses by waxing on and on about how {insert name of local program shined up for campaign visit} might be recreated on a national level.

I have seen candidates swing through…visit, smile, shake hands and take pictures…and then attend some glitzy high dollar fundraiser where they give the same speech they gave yesterday which is the same speech they’ll give tomorrow…and then visit, smile, shake hands and take pictures…only to be out of town less than 10 hours from when they first entered.

An amazing accomplishment of scheduling execution that results in said candidate having seen nothing of the city, its residents or the specific issues facing those of us who live here.

Sigh. Read more…



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