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Ed Martin Contracts ‘Foot in Mouth’ Disease While Discussing Corona Virus | Missouri Political News Service

Ed Martin Contracts ‘Foot in Mouth’ Disease While Discussing Corona Virus

March 23rd, 2020 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Controversial Ed Martin is back in the national news again. The perennial candidate, and president of one of the Phyllis Schafly splinter groups, expressed his opinion recently on the Corona Virus stimulus package making its way thru congress.


Ed Martin, President of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles served as a guest and co-host with the Republican leader, Larry Bucshon of Indiana. Martin urged Buschon not to cover any needed services for those in need because the “losers” may ask for money. “Here’s what I told him today: If the answer is, ‘We’re going to send you $ 1,000 because times are hard,’ every American Democrat can tell you that every time in America it’s hard. “We have, ‘Transgenders need $ 1,000 a month because that’s hard.’” Martin used the term “hyphenated American” to refer to any of the minority cultures, which he regarded as “inclusive” as an essential resource.
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Although we agree with Martin’s concern for creating another permanent entitlement program for the American people, his comments only divide people instead of bringing us together during this national emergency.


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