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COVID-19 Is A Tragedy for Africa—Reminder of the US’s Vital Role in the Region | Missouri Political News Service

COVID-19 Is A Tragedy for Africa—Reminder of the US’s Vital Role in the Region

March 23rd, 2020 by MarkTwain · No Comments

By Christopher Arps

COVID-19 is an important break, and one the US should use as an opportunity. Consider: How many African leaders are now going to want to drape their arms around their Chinese equivalents?

How many are going to be interested in dialing up trade with China in the near-term? And how many are going to want to import droves of Chinese contractors to build schools and bridges and roads for Africa?

The answer: very few. Cameroon, South African, Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Sudan have all confirmed cases of COVID-19, and both the numbers of countries and the number of infected individuals is set to rise. When those numbers go up, China’s stock in Africa will plummet.

This is an historic opportunity for the United States to step up, show leadership, and build the kinds of bil-lateral ties that have held our country in good stead for generations.

It was just weeks ago that the Secretary of Defense announced plans to potentially draw down America’s presence in Cameroon and others of what is known as the Sahel region. Read more…


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