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Coldwater Creek Advocate “Concerned About Verbal & Social Media Promises” by State Senator | Missouri Political News Service

Coldwater Creek Advocate “Concerned About Verbal & Social Media Promises” by State Senator

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Protesters block two entrances at West Lake Landfill
We told you the other day how the Westlake Professional Protesters and State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal were purposely confusing the public into believing contamination at both locations came from the same source. Below is an excerpt from a founding member of  “Coldwater Creek, Just the Facts Please”. a group that was opposed to the buyout of homes around the Westlake Landfill and the buyout of homes along Coldwater Creek.

“Ms. Chappelle-Nadal states that the reason for the buyout is related to the cancer cluster. The Senator points to the cancer cluster maps created by the Coldwater Creek group and a recent DHSS report. As one of the creators of the ongoing health survey, disease cluster maps and advisor to the DHSS report, I would like to clarify that the radiation linked illness information illustrated in the maps is not related to the landfill. The cancer/ disease cluster is specifically related to the Coldwater Creek contamination and watershed. Chronic exposure health related issues can take 10 – 20 years to present as illness. The cancer cluster that Ms. Chappell-Nadal continually references is predominantly from exposure that occurred decades ago, prior to commencement of remediation of the creek contamination. Many who have been diagnosed with radiation linked cancers near West Lake were previous residents and exposure victims of Coldwater Creek…..The Coldwater Creek group vehemently opposes inclusion in a broad-based buyout of our community, as it negates the need for continued testing and remediation of the contamination and there is no guarantee that purchased homes will not be sold to other families in the future. In the case that homes are not resold, it will cause unnecessary blight and economically devastate our beloved hometown.” Read more…


EPA: Neighborhood Not Contaminated By Landfill Nuclear Waste

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