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Koster vs Martin: To Switch or Not to Switch?

May 14th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

OK, which is worse: switching political parties or political races?

“The gentleman that I’m running against decided that he wanted to be Attorney General about three months ago, after having declared his candidacy for two other federal positions in the nine months prior to three months ago,” he said. “I think that there is a place in this world for consistency and purpose.”

“When Chris Koster left the Republican party in 2007 to run for office in Obama’s Democrat party, he switched positions on the Second Amendment, life, illegal immigration and and he ultimately supported Barack Obama for president”, said Ed Martin. “As he attacks candidates for running for office, Koster himself is taking about his next race for Governor in 2016, even as he fails to answer Missourians’ questions on whether he supports Obama’s switch to support same-sex marriage.  Politicians like Koster and his boss Obama will say anything to stay in power but Missourians want an AG who will stand up and fight against Obama and obamacare and give our state a brighter future.”


Koster Attends Secret Gay Donor Conference in DC

Chris Koster’s Party Switch Press Conference

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  • 1 Canon1398 // May 14, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    First, and for the record Ed Martin changed races from US House to Mo AG because he answered the calling from the people in Missouri to protect us against Obamacare and thick crony thievery on both sides that goes on in this state today! Second, Ed stepped down from the Senate race out of respect for Todd Akin just days after Congressman Akin announced his bid for Senate.

    Next time you mention Ed Martin the truth is deserved next to his name, he’s earned it! Short hits from Ed’s opponent you haven’t bothered to research or confirm the why when and where, it is disappointing at best. Indeed I expected more from your page.

  • 2 Gemey McNabb // May 14, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    While Ed Martin may have had a change in heart over where he could best serve the people of Missouri, he has not changed one position since his run against Russ Carnahan in Mo 3rd district. He is pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment and most importantly, pro-constitution!
    We can trust Ed to say what he believes and to believe what says. No double-speak or slight of hand tricks will be used to garner votes.
    If you want an Attorney General who will fight to keep BIG GOVERNMENT out of your life, vote for Ed Martin for AG!

  • 3 Ed Schoettle // May 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    History has been modified to reflect the importance of socialism under the guise of entitlements. It seems the ‘party of choice’ has eroded into race baiting, name calling, uninformed to facts over fiction. Ed Martin will defend Missouri against the ‘socialists’ attacks into our daily lives. God save us..

  • 4 Greg Zotta // May 16, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Chris Koster is an Obamamaniac and was drooling all over himself when I overheard him describe meeting Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office. Koster at one time was a Republican, until he put his finger in the air to see which direction the political winds were shifting and changed to the Democratic Party, with completely different views. So much for standing on principle. The Democrat/Statist’s policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country. And so, Ed Martin, being concerned with the direction this country is headed wanted to do something about it by running for office. Now, Koster is complaining that Ed Martin is running for his job as Attorney General, after Ed first ran for US Senate and then for Us Congress. Ed should have been running for Attorney General all along.
    Ed Martin with a Conservative message ran against Russ Carnahan in the 2010 election, with Robin Carnahan overseeing the election as Secretary of State. Ed lost a very close race after leading most of the night, until the ballots came in from the City of St. Louis. In St. Louis there has been voter fraud in the past so one must question, why the vote tallies from St. Louis in every statewide election are the last to come in, even though all of the polls across the state close at the same time?
    As for Koster’s complaint of Ed Martin running for different offices he should know that Ed is not the first or only candidate to lose an election and then run again. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before winning and became President. Ronald Reagan lost some elections before becoming one of the greatest Presidents ever. Even Claire McCaskill did it. So Koster, why the concern with Ed wanting to run again for your job as Attorney general?
    Why should a candidate run for office? Should they run only if they are in a secure district, hoping for an easy victory or should they run because the opposing party’s policies and rhetoric are detrimental to this country? This country is in dire straights and there is much work to be done to get America back on track. It starts with electing common sense conservatives like Ed Martin to be the people’s representatives. Thus Ed deserves our support and is why I, Greg Zotta endorse Ed Martin for MO Attorney General.

  • 5 Tom63010 // May 21, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Ed Martin changing races was not unusual when you examine the facts. Ed entered the Senate race at a time when no other conservative candidate was entered. When Todd Akin decided to enter that race then Ed stepped aside. When he entered the new 2nd District race it became apparent (in my opinion) that Ann Wagner was the Republican Establishment’s choice and was going to be hard to overcome. Even though I am not a fan of Ann ANY Republican is an improvement over Russ Carnahan.

    Now to the race at hand. This is probably the best fit for Ed given his background. The bottom line is that we need an Attorney General that will fight Obamacare not facilitate it, which by an overwhelming margin was rejected by Missouri voters when we passed Proposition C.

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