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Quote of the Day: “It’s Amazing How Many Missourians Come to Illinois on Election Day” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “It’s Amazing How Many Missourians Come to Illinois on Election Day”

March 23rd, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Is Matt Hawkins part of the vast right wing conspiracy to disenfranchise Black voters by requiring identification to vote? Al Sharpton and his ilk’s rhetoric loses a bit of the heat when it’s another black person pointing out obvious voter irregularities due to no ID’s being shown at the polls:

“It’s amazing how many Missourians come to Illinois on election day,” Matt Hawkins, an East St. Louis election activist, told the Senate Executive Subcommittee on Election Law. He claimed that East St. Louis fills up with Missouri license plates during elections, and pointed to other indications of voter fraud in the city’s election system. He said that system “guarantees a certain vote output.”

Hawkins, president of the East St. Louis Alliance for Change, was a proponent of Tuesday’s failed referendum to dismantle the Election Board of East St. Louis. He testified tonight for a bill by state Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Highland, that would require voters statewide to show an official photo i.d. before being allowed to vote.

The move echoes legislation passed in more than two-dozen states recently, generally supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats. Republicans say they are trying to weed out voter fraud. Democrats say they’re really trying to weed out voters who are most likely to vote Democratic, including the poor and minorities, who are statistically less likely to have photo identification. Read more…



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