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Two Instances Why Jay Nixon & Chris Koster (Democrats) Are One Percenters | Missouri Political News Service

Two Instances Why Jay Nixon & Chris Koster (Democrats) Are One Percenters

November 9th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

Something for the “occupy” crowds to think about. How many offspring of the 99% get their marijuana drug possession charges thrown out for “lack of evidence?” But a Columbia police spokeswoman said, when Will Nixon saw police, he tried to “get rid” of the marijuana by throwing it on the ground. Hmmm, sounds like pretty good evidence to us!

No surprise here that Koster is involved in something shady! Here’s an excerpt from a MOGOP press release:

According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, Koster’s office has decided that it is not competent enough to handle a lawsuit against a drug manufacturer.  Instead, he is outsourcing the legal work to an as-of-yet undermined law firm who will be selected by the Nixon Administration.

This has proven to be an incredibly profitable arrangement for both Nixon and Koster, who during the first 10 months of 2011 have accepted $567,000 in campaign contributions from the trial lawyers seeking this contract.

And it’s no wonder that these law firms are “investing” so heavily in Nixon and Koster—the winner of the contract could receive as much as $100 million in legal fees if the state wins the case.

Instead of stinking up Wall Street and Kiener Plaza in St. Louis, wouldn’t it be a better idea to protest at the White House (Obama has received more money from Wall Street than all the Republican candidates COMBINED) and at the governor’s mansion in Jefferson City?

Cannabis Initiative Petitions Approved by Missouri Secretary of State’s Office
The Source: Nixon Jr. – Friends in “High” Places



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