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Rep. Cleaver & National Media Slam Democrats Pass Nothing Agenda

May 26th, 2011 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is upset with his fellow Democrats in the Senate over their inaction on addressing the nation’s mounting fiscal problems. The Republican controlled House has passed a budget and other bills but they seem to land in a legislative black hole once they reach the Democrat controlled Senate:

“We’ve not done very much since the session started” in January, Cleaver said. “We’ve not been able to put a jobs program together….I wish we would get the debt ceiling out of the way because it creates political mischief.” Read more….

Unbelievably, the lame stream media is criticizing the Dem’s too:

THE WASHINGTON POST: “The Democrats… are not proposing major, new ideas of their own.” (“Senate Republicans Stand By Plan To Overhaul Medicare,” The Washington Post, 5/26/11)

POLITICO: “But there’s another unresolved question after yesterday’s votes: Where do Democrats, with their party in control of the White House and Senate, stand on the budget. They were unable to produce one last year, when they held both chambers of Congress and it’s not clear that any of their divisions over spending and taxing have been bridged. The Senate’s answer to not having a budget: Vote no on every other plan.” (Politico’s Huddle, 5/26/11)

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “But Democrats by no means have a smooth course, either. While Mr. Obama has tried to set parameters for budget negotiations, his party has yet to settle on a plan for Medicare or the broader budget issues. And failure to address the nation’s fiscal problems aggressively could carry its own risk for Democrats…” (“Democrats Put G.O.P. On Spot As Medicare Plan Fails,” The New York Times, 5/26/11)

NATIONAL JOURNAL: “…Senate Democrats have almost no legislative agenda of their own…” (“No, No, No, No — Senate On Record Now,” National Journal, 5/25/11)

ROLL CALL: “Democrats chose not to produce their own budget while bipartisan negotiations led by Vice President Joseph Biden continue and instead pivoted to a show-vote strategy… As dramatic as the vote on Ryan’s budget was, the next vote was even more jarring: 97 Senators voted against President Barack Obama’s budget proposal, with none voting in favor.” (“Senate Spurns Ryan Budget,” Roll Call, 5/25/11)

“…Democrats still run the Senate… When it comes to their core responsibility under the law of passing a budget resolution, they are A.W.O.L.” (Editorial, “Cool Hand Harry,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/26/11)


Rasmussen Reports:

NewsOne.com: CBC Chairman Denounces GOP Vote Against Medicare



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