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Chappelle-Nadal Challenges STL Aldermanic President to "Put His Big Boy Pants On" | Missouri Political News Service

Chappelle-Nadal Challenges STL Aldermanic President to “Put His Big Boy Pants On”

April 11th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

It looks like another front has been opened up in Aldermanic President Lewis Reed’s war of words with his fellow elected Democrat officials. Reed, who called last week for state Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal to resign and who has put up a mean spirited Facebook page attacking her, is a little miffed that St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is performing a de facto merger with St. Louis County while he’s been engaged in a very public spat with Chappelle-Nadal.

“I found out in the news paper like everyone else.”Aldermanic President Lewis Reed says he was shocked to learn in earlier news reports that city and county officials have been meeting to talk about dovetailing economic development, construction codes and healthcare.“ I am not in the loop at all on any of this,” Reed said. “I found out in the news paper like everyone else.”

What a clown! So let’s get this straight. While you are asking another elected official to resign – and questioning her sanity to boot -Mayor Slay is running roughshod over you like a field hand on harvest day. Seems to us, and to others Mr. President, that you seem to have your priorities out of sorts. On a local afternoon radio show yesterday, readers informed us that Chappelle-Nadal challenged Mr. Reed to, in effect, put his big boy pants on and call her and talk about the local control bill instead of attacking her subversively and overtly in the newspapers. She also was said to have repeatedly asked Mr. Reed, “what does he have against strong black women?‘ We’re also hearing that black female legislators and alderwomen are not happy with Mr. Reed for a variety of superficial reasons, including his unwarranted attacks on Chappelle Nadal. Buckle yourself in folks, we’re in for a long and bumpy road!

We’ve questioned ourselves why Mr. Reed seems to have this angry and sexist fixation with Senator Chappelle Nadal? She is only one of ten white senators who are filibustering the local control bill. One of the senators even has an amendment to the bill that pares down the board of alderman from 28 to 14. Why is the thin skinned Mr. Reed not attacking them with the same ferocity? You would think curious reporters like the Post’s Jake Wagman (NOT) would ask the part time board of alderman president that question.



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