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"Baghdad" Tony Messenger Almost Let's Secret Out of the Bag on Nixon's Popularity | Missouri Political News Service

“Baghdad” Tony Messenger Almost Let’s Secret Out of the Bag on Nixon’s Popularity

April 1st, 2011 by sclemons · No Comments

“I want to tell you about Hampel. He’s got a stiff neck. Remember what he did to Bob Lowery? He followed him. Just to show that the mayor of Florissant wasn’t putting in a lot of hours, he followed him. You can’t do ‘bidness’ with a guy like Hampel.” — STL Post columnist Bill McClellan

First, we want to congratulate “Baghdad Tony” on his new promotion – especially after his short term stint in Springfield and his stupid statement that the newspaper industry was doing just fine. Baghdad has gone from coffee schleper for Virginia Young in Jeff City to the editorial staff in St. Louis. Below, Baghdad gives us part of the reason why Gov. Nixon remains popular:

“Six years from now, you guys ought to invite me here,” Mr. Nixon said. “I’ll give a really good speech then.”

The implication (in addition to assuming that he’ll win re-election) is that Mr. Nixon would be more forthcoming once he’s out of office. Therein lies the problem.

Mr. Nixon spends a lot of time avoiding controversy, unwilling in most cases to declare clear positions on the most challenging issues of the day.

Bipartisanship is easier when you don’t stake out much political ground. The tougher challenge is disagreeing without being disagreeable. Read more….

Baghdad admits that Nixon avoids the media like President Obama avoids taking responsibilty for anything he does, but that is not the sole reason for Nixon’s popularity. The other reason is that Baghdad and his minions in the lamestream media consistently fail to hold the governor accountable for his “unwilling[ness] in most cases to declare clear positions on the most challenging issues of the day.” Hell, any politician can have high approval ratings when the media rolls over and plays dead for you! Now that Baghdad is in St. Louis, maybe the Post Dispatch will send a real reporter with some cajones like Paul Hampel up to the Jeff City Bureau to cover Nixon?


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