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Guest Commentary: Politics, Religion, and Money | Missouri Political News Service

Guest Commentary: Politics, Religion, and Money

March 31st, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

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By Justin Lindsey

 I remember the days when I would be in the bar with my friends and we agreed to the rule that Religion, Politics, and Money should not be discussed while at the bar. Fast forward to today. I cannot imagine a more appropriate topic as these three things are changing the shape of the world as we all know it.

As the Middle East burns with riots and protest, and the political barometer within the United States continues to drop to almost dangerous levels, Washington has refused to pass a budget for this year, ((which started in October by the way)), and religion is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I think we all have a responsibility to ask ourselves…why shouldn’t we talk about these things? After all, nothing has affected the world as much throughout history as Politics, Religion, and Money.

I think the answer is obvious. It is because unlike so many trivial, irrelevant, and meaningless topics such as who got voted off of American Idol, or the latest sports scandal that you will hear around the water cooler at work, these three topics resonate with all of us because they affect us to varying degrees in our everyday lives.

They are the three common threads that we all share, but we have been coached into the mindset that everybody has opinions and everybody has a right to those opinions, and everybody’s opinions are to a certain degree correct. But, because their opinions are stemmed from that individual by their life experiences, we are taught to merely accept them for what they are worth. So if we have been coached into this way of thinking, it is easy to understand how conversations about these things are almost nonexistent in social forums.

The answer is simple but complex, our Country will continue to march toward Communism as long as people remain silent and ignorant, and refusing to acknowledge a higher power and the moral code associated with it, and refuse to accept that we all deserve to keep our money, which is our property that we have earned, through the hard work of our backs and minds.

This country was found on the principles of individual liberties; own your reality both good and bad, start talking, and start taking back your country.



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