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Guest Commentary: Every Action Causes an Equal and Opposite Reaction

November 18th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

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By Justin Lindsey

Nobody can argue that President Obama’s election was an extreme reaction to the RINO Republicans and misconceptions and realities of President Bush. This extreme reaction has allowed President Obama to expanded government in ways that nobody ever thought was possible. This expansion has taken over the auto industry; started the process for nationalizing healthcare; and spending that surpassed the total cost of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you believe that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction then the Conservative awakening is that reaction.

But with that Conservative awakening that brought us the Tea Parties – that led the sweeping of the 02 November midterm elections, we need to be aware of the equal and opposite reactions that the extreme left is capable of and be ready to see those things as we get closer to the 2012 Presidential elections. The roots of this uprising can already be seen starting to form on the Communist Party USA website as they promote activism at the grass roots level. As this is being typed, CPUSA leadership is actively promoting their agenda with local leaders in the south according to their website. Another blaring example is the MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell who said on the air “I am a communist, I live to the extreme”, the movement is growing, and we’re still in 2010.

If you believe that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction, and the Conservative awakening is the reaction to the first two years of the Obama Administration and his super majority in congress, then, we must acknowledge the awakening socialist movement that will do everything it can to keep the most far left seated President in power for another term. We must be prepared to meet that movement wherever it’s at, stronger than we were in the months leading up to 02 November 2010.



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