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"Neicey Williams aka Rep. Jamillah Nasheed is a Hypocrite" | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “Neicey Williams aka Rep. Jamillah Nasheed is a Hypocrite”

March 29th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

“Niecey Williams” aka Rep. Jamilah Nasheed with then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

The local control situation in St. Louis is really getting out of control with anonymous rumors and accusations being thrown around in disreputable newspapers better know for reporting stories like, “Pookie shot Little Red over a bag of crack.” We’ll have a few thoughts after the jump:

St. Louis American:

The strident tone of [Sen. Maria Chappelle Nadal’s] opposition to local control is making things needlessly worse for her, though. The majority of her colleagues in the city delegation in the Legislature – and all of her black colleagues from the city – support the bills filed by state Senator Joe Keaveny and state Rep. Jamilah Nasheed….

This is how best to understand the rumors about her that appeared in print last week. This report promised dirt on her without dishing any out, but the rhetoric and choice of language was crafted to imply she is lesbian (homosexuality can still hurt a candidate) and had a problem with the law that someone made go away for her and which (it was insinuated) explains her siding with the cops in opposing local control. Read more…

First, in our opinion, the city of St. Louis already has defacto local control. The four police commissioners (3 out of 4 are African Americans) are St. Louis city residents and we all know that these appointments don’t get confirmed unless their state senator is on board. Second, it is significant when black and white police officers in a city still plagued with racial tensions agree that the city shouldn’t have local control. Why do the black officers agree? Sources tell us that they are afraid that the black police chief will suffer the same fate as the black fire chief Sherman George. Rumors are that if Mayor Slay and the city ever regained local control, Slay already has a new police chief picked out, and it’s a safe bet they won’t be an African American. That is why it’s strange to us and our source that Neicey Williams aka Jamilah Nasheed is carrying water for Francis Slay.

“Jamillah was one of the most vocal supporters of Chief George during his firing. I can’t believe she’s selling out to Slay for money to keep her lights and gas on. What a hypocrite! I wonder what her constituents would think if they knew that she takes money from the predatory pay day loan industry for her campaigns. What a voice for the people. NOT.”

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And third, even if Sen. Chappelle Nadal changed her mind and supported local control, there are 10 other white state senators who oppose local control as well. To target only her with radio ads and libelous accusations is silly.



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