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Another Day, Another Chris Koster Contribution Scandal | Missouri Political News Service

Another Day, Another Chris Koster Contribution Scandal

January 21st, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

Here we go again! Another Shady Chris Koster, quid pro quo campaign contribution scheme:

STL Post Dispatch:

On Tuesday, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster joined the top lawyers from four other states in announcing a settlement that paves the way for cable giant Comcast to merge with NBC.

On Wednesday, Comcast reached out to Koster on a different matter — a check for his re-election effort.

A division of the Philadelphia-based company gave Koster’s campaign $2,500 a day after the attorney general signed onto a deal that eases government anti-trust concerns over the proposal. Read more…

Luckily for Koster, Democrat operative Jake Wagman  – whose day job is posing as an objective reporter – wrote this story for Friday publication, which means it will be buried and forgotten by Monday morning. Great work Jake! Just another reason why the people have lost faith in their institutions.



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