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The Choice: 1-Page Short-Term Continuing Resolution Or Dems' Bloated 2,000-pg Omnibus | Missouri Political News Service

The Choice: 1-Page Short-Term Continuing Resolution Or Dems’ Bloated 2,000-pg Omnibus

December 16th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Disgusted, The Wall Street Journal editors write today, “The 111th Congress began with an $814 billion stimulus that blew out the federal balance sheet, so we suppose it’s only fitting that the Members want to exit by passing a 1,924-page, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill. The worst Congress in modern history is true to its essence to the bitter end.” They add, “Democrats have had 11 months to write a budget for fiscal 2011, which began on October 1. But Majority Leader Harry Reid and Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye have dumped this trillion-dollar baby on Senators at the very last minute, when everyone is busy and wants to go home for the holidays. No doubt that was the plan. The continuing resolution to fund the government expires on Saturday, so Mr. Reid wants to squeeze Senators against the deadline.”

So instead of the omnibus monstrosity, packed with spending and earmarks, The Hill reports, “Senate Minority Leader Mike Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) introduced a one-page continuing resolution Thursday that funds the government through Feb. 18.” On the floor, Sen. McConnell held up his one-page bill, and compared it to the Democrats’ 2,000-page colossus. The contrast is stark. (See video of Sen. McConnell comparing the two bills here.)

The Washington Examiner called for just such an alternative in its editorial today, writing, “Senate Republicans and similarly responsible Democrats should reject the omnibus, as well as any other last-minute spending package introduced by the discredited leaders of the 111th Congress. With the tax-cut compromise headed toward final passage, the only appropriate spending measure for the lame-duck Senate to consider is one that funds the government at current levels until the new Congress is sworn in to start cleaning up the mess.”

As Sen. McConnell said, “Americans don’t want massive, trillion dollar bills rushed through Congress on our way out the door — they want us to be careful and responsible with their money. So I urge my colleagues to join me in support of this one-page CR. I don’t think there’s any question it’s the right thing to do.”


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