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Surprise, Surprise! Dem Polster Says McCaskill Vulnerable | Missouri Political News Service

Surprise, Surprise! Dem Pollster Says McCaskill Vulnerable

November 9th, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Democratic leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling tells us what we already know here in Missouri.  “Moderate” Clair is VERY vulnerable in 2012:

Public Policy Polling:

The three least popular and conceivably most vulnerable Senators up next time that we’ve polled on are Joe Lieberman, Claire McCaskill, and Debbie Stabenow.

Missouri was extremely brutal for Democrats this year and McCaskill has not built up a lot in the way of crossover support from Republicans and independents during her first term in the Senate. Read more…

McCaskill’s “moderate” charade was in full bloom in when we wrote this in 2007:

“Like other “moderate” Democrats elected in the Senate in “06, McCaskill understands that if her votes and views start mirroring Moveon.org and the Hollywood left, her Senate career will be a short one like her predecessor. During her nearly six months in office, McCaskill has appeared on C-Span’s Washington Journal, a couple of the Sunday morning talk shows, and yes, the dreaded Fox News Channel. She is now gaining new attention – and irking fellow Democrats – by co-sponsoring a Republican measure for new disclosure rules on earmarks.” Read more…

We even did a post on ’07 calling her “Republican Claire”. The Daily Kos blog was speculating that she would face a primary challenge in ’12:

“First she votes for Sen. David Vitter’s conservative amendment to end the new immigration bill’s amnesty clause.

Then she supports the new Iraq funding bill that other Democrats called “a setback” I almost began to feel like our great state had two Republicans in the Senate, but we don’t. We have one Republican and one Democrat who needs a Republican voting record.” Read more…

And then came Barack, the bailouts, and Obamacare and finally – the real Claire emerges!

Slate: The Comeback Kids



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