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Republican Claire?

May 25th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

First she votes for Sen. David Vitter’s conservative amendment to end the new immigration bill’s amnesty clause.

Then she supports the new Iraq funding bill that other Democrats called “a setback” I almost began to feel like our great state had two Republicans in the Senate, but we don’t. We have one Republican and one Democrat who needs a Republican voting record.


Daily Kos “Claire McCaskill – hunting for a primary challenger?”

“I wrote Senator McCaskill two emails prior to the vote on the Iraq Supplemental funding bill. In the first, I asked her to listen to the voters who sent her there NOT to rubberstamp this President when it comes to the war and vote AGAINST any funding bill that did not contain withdrawal provisions. The next day, I sent her a letter telling her that she needed to vote AGAINST cloture on the bill since it was clear it would not contain any checks on this President’s ability to continue the war. At no point in either of my letters did I threaten any retaliation for her vote if it wasn’t as I hoped.

What’s next after the flip?”

Pub DefDid Democrats Betray their Base?



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