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Video: Website Exposes History of Corruption in Dooley Administration | Missouri Political News Service

Video: Website Exposes History of Corruption in Dooley Administration

October 25th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

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The Corrigan campaign has countered the “Bail Out Bill” website that the Dooley campaign launched immediately after the August primaries. Here’s an excerpt from a statement released last week:

County Executive Charlie Dooley’s disturbing pattern of corruption has been the subject of multiple news articles, television spots, and discussion within St. Louis County during his seven-year administration. This trail of corruption, as well as numerous flubs and errors by the Dooley campaign, is finally available in a clear, concise website for the public to see.

DirtyDooley.com has been launched to allow the residents of St. Louis County to see just what kind of an administration Charlie Dooley has run over the course of his seven years in office. All information on the site is directly from news articles, TV reports, and videos in Charlie Dooley’s own words.

Highlights of the website include:

– Dooley’s history of receiving campaign contributions days before awarding no-bid contracts to the same contributors.

– Tens of millions of dollars in damages to be paid by taxpayers because of Dooley’s illegal decision to pursue the new trash contracts despite stern warnings by state officials.

– The self-serving influence on government activities and contracts by Dooley’s powerful campaign manager, John Temporiti.

– Dooley’s receipt of almost $30,000 in campaign contributions from an indicted developer.

– Dooley’s astonishingly low support in this years’ primary election amongst Democrat voters.

– The Dooley aide forced to resign because of an FBI investigation and nearly $500,000 in unpaid taxes.

– Dooley pressuring his appointed employees to contribute 1% of their salary to his campaign.



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