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“AAA Charlie” Dooley’s $60 Million Dollar Trash Disaster

October 1st, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

“We had meetings with Charlie Dooley and (Chief Operating Officer Garry) Earls, and asked that this be put to a vote of the people. We were told it would cost too much to put it on the ballot. But now look what it will cost taxpayers because of their arrogance.”–Bryan Barcom, president of American Eagle Waste

Last week, the Dooley campaign released an ad called “AAA Charlie” that tout’s the county’s triple A bond rating. The ads says that the rating allows county government to “spend less and reduce taxes.” How ironic that the same week that this ad was released, the county loses a massive law suit involving it’s corrupt trash hauling scheme. “You Paid For It” reporter Elliot Davis is reporting that sources have told him that trash haulers may be seeking up to $60 million dollars in damages. Hmmm, we wonder where the money is going to come from?


South County Times: Taxpayers Could Foot Bill For County’s Handling Of New Trash Pickup Program



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