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Rep. Clay Says Stimulus Plan "Saved Countless" Jobs in His District | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Clay Says Stimulus Plan “Saved Countless” Jobs in His District

September 30th, 2010 by jjjameson · No Comments

An unemployed member of the Carpenter’s Union picketing the construction of a mini strip shopping center in Northwoods, MO., a suburb in North St. Louis County. (Cong. Clay’s district)

Is this a severe case or what of ‘Obama Kool-Aid intoxication’ or ‘stimulus plan myopia?’


Democratic Congressman, Lacey Clay is trying to sell the stimulus success story in a district where 20 percent of black men are unemployed.  Clay claims the stimulus has created 1,200 jobs in his district and saved what he calls “countless” other jobs.

More bad news from the piece for the Carnahans’ and Dooley:

Voters however, see it differently.  “Actually, I believe people are going to stay at home.  It’s not going to any good if you sit down and vote, and things are still going the same way they are going any ways!” expresses voter, James Glover.  “There’s going to be discouraged voters.” Read more…



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