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Aviation Consultant on Lambert China Hub: "Unworkable"...."Far Fetched"...."Snowball’s Chance"..."When Pigs Can Fly” | Missouri Political News Service

Aviation Consultant on Lambert China Hub: “Unworkable”….”Far Fetched”….”Snowball’s Chance”…”When Pigs Can Fly”

September 28th, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

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Former Gov. Matt Blunt signs joint agreement in Beijing.  (Standing, left to right): Former Gov. Bob Holden; Stephen Perry of London Export Company Ltd.; St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley; Sen. Kit Bond; Sen. Claire McCaskill; Ma Xiuhong, Vice Minister, Ministry of Commerce; Congressman Russ Carnahan; Mayor Francis Slay. (Seated): Gov. Matt Blunt.

“I’d like to see it work, But it’s one of those things that consultants make a lot of money on, and politicians get free trips to Beijing.”

Those are the words of an aviation consultant who was KMOX radio yesterday talking about the much ballyhooed China/ Lambert Airport Hub project. As we wrote last week, Mr. Dooley seems to be placing all of his economic development and job creation chips on securing this deal with the Chinese. It is obvious now that Mr. Dooley lacks a real plan to get St. Louis County’s economic engine restarted during the persistent Obama recession/depression:

“[Dooley] seems to be placing all his chips for economic development on a pie in the sky project to make Lambert International Airport a hub for Chinese goods entering this country. It is an admirable idea, and worthwhile if it can be pulled off, but this is the third memorandum of understanding (which is not fully binding by the way) so far dealing with this project. Former Governor Matt Blunt signed two prior MOU’s for this project while he was governor.”

Amazing that the taxpayers are paying for China Hub Commissions and trips to China for “VIP’s” to study the feasibility of this project, when all they had to do was listen to yesterday’s free advice on KMOX:

 “It isn’t going to happen, you’ve gotta have air cargo shipped to a place where the stuff is actually being used or being built, not to shipped by truck for another day and a half to New York.”

Hmmm, makes sense to us!



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