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Video: SMI's David Stokes - Transportation in Missouri | Missouri Political News Service

Video: SMI’s David Stokes – Transportation in Missouri

May 21st, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

With fuel prices expected to be seventy cents cheaper during the summer driving season, how will Missouri replace that loss fuel tax revenue in this worsening Obama economy? Mr. Stokes has an interesting idea that could be an example of the government and the private sector actually working together to solve a problem. 

“The use of private companies to provide public assets, such as a new highway or bridge, is called a “public-private partnership.” This study describes the ways in which such partnerships can be used to address Missouri’s transportation needs. Although state toll roads are currently unconstitutional in Missouri, other methods of tolling are not, including privately operated — but publicly owned — toll roads, high-occupancy toll lanes that waive fees for cars meeting passenger requirements, truck-only toll lanes that allow extra carrying capacity, and competitively contracted mass transit services. These options are worthy of careful examination as officials address the state’s infrastructure needs.” — David Stokes



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