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24th State Blog: Move On Up PAC Or How The New York Times Got Me To Donate Money | Missouri Political News Service

24th State Blog: Move On Up PAC Or How The New York Times Got Me To Donate Money

May 12th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments


We wholeheartedly support African American empowerment and self determination. 24th State’s Jim Durbin posts today about an organization doing just that! If you’re conservative and you agree, we humbly ask that you financially support these independent minded patriots with their important mission.

24th State:

I was reading through blogs last week and several linked to this story from the New York Times about a wave of Black Republicans running for Congress in 2010. Some, like Colonel Allen West, I knew because of great blog coverage, most of course had never crossed my radar.

Now I’m a big believer in merit over skin color or other chromosomes as the deciding factor in a political candidate, but I did flash to just a moment of thinking how awesome it would be if 34 freshman Congressman, all black, were to suddenly burst on the scene…

Millions of black men and women vote for Republicans each election, even if tens of millions vote for Democrats.  Those millions need strong voices, and so when I read the article, I figured I’d look around for a PAC to donate to that supported black conservatives.Before I even typed a search into Google, one popped up in front of me.  Move On Up, the social network for black conservatives that is based here in St Louis, just started a PAC.  As in, they just started it this week.  Call it serendipity, or call it blind luck, but the email appeared at just the right time, and so I gave $100 to the PAC, with the hope that they spend the money wisely and help at least a few of those 32 across the finish line in November.

The announcement is here at the website.  You can give money through Paypal, as I did.  But let me caution you.  This funding vehicle isn’t for white people.  I don’t mean they’ll turn the money away, but understand this PAC is about black conservatives empowering black conservatives, not asking white people for a handout. Read more…


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