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Dooley Flip Flops On Electing County Assessor; Top Advisor Admits "No Vision" for StL County | Missouri Political News Service

Dooley Flip Flops On Electing County Assessor; Top Advisor Admits “No Vision” for StL County

May 11th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Last year, I released my property tax reform plan to county voters that included the recommendation of an elected assessor. This announcement today from Charlie is a transparent attempt to get re-elected and voters are not going to be fooled by his election-year conversion to good government. -Bill Corrigan, Candidate for County Executive

Stealing an initiative from his likely Republican opponent Bill Corrigan, StL County Executive Charlie Dooley flip flopped yesterday from a five year stance and called for the direct election of the county assessor.


County Executive Charlie Dooley says he wants county voters to get a jump start on the issue on the August ballot — before voters statewide consider the same question on the November ballot. Dooley then defended the current system of an appointed property tax assessor.

“We have a great system right now,” Dooley said, “There’s nothing wrong with our system right now.   Will an election make an elector (assessor) a better person? No it won’t,.”

KMOX asked Dooley how he can defend the current system, when it has routinely led to waves of complaints about unfair property tax bills. Read more…

Below are a few past quotes from Mr. Dooley on electing the county assessor:

“We don’t need more elected people to get things done. It’s just unnecessary.” (Post-Dispatch, May 27, 2005)

“I’ve heard it said that now there is no one accountable for this. That’s not the case. I am the person who answers for this. We assess over 300,000 pieces of property, and we do a good job.” (Post-Dispatch, June 15, 2005)

“That would just politicize a very complicated job, which would not help anyone.”  (Post-Dispatch, October 29, 2006)


Facebook: Bill Corrigan: “I will be on Jamie Allman’s show tomorrow at 8:10, tune in to hear more about how we can bring real leadership to St. Louis County this November!”

Bill Corrigan: For once I agree with the Dooley administration…They “don’t have a vision for what we need to do to be successful in the 21st Century to compete in a global economy” Mike Jones, Senior advisor to Dooley. That’s the problem with the Dooley Administration…they don’t have vision and haven’t provided leadership!”



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  • 1 jerry trotter // May 14, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    one would ask, why is it that St. Louis County does not have a mandate like much of the state? saying they make their own rules. maybe every county should be that way ???

  • 2 jerry trotter // May 14, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    many politicians use the word, “leadership.” it is just a way to create votes for their own agenda. our state and counties are represented in one way or another. I hope my fellow Missouri citizens can see through the trash talk.

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