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St. Louis Executives Support 'Earmark King' Skelton | Missouri Political News Service

St. Louis Executives Support ‘Earmark King’ Skelton

March 31st, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

This is what is wrong with our politics. These guys don’t give a damn about Missouri’s economy, it’s all about keeping their bottom lines fat! Mr. Skelton no longer supports common sense Missouri values or the values of his district for that matter. Why do we need a congressman who avoids his constituents and votes over 90% with Nancy Pelosi?

St. Louis Business Journal:

Worldwide Technology Chairman David Steward, Centene President and Chief Executive Michael Neidorff, and Boeing St. Louis Regional Executive George Roman are among area executives backing an effort to make sure Skelton, 78, gains an 18th term.

“In his current role as chairman of the (Armed Services) Committee, Ike oversees the administration of defense contracts, which contributed nearly $13 billion to the Missouri economy in 2008 and helped to create 30,000 jobs that year,” Steward wrote in a letter to local business leaders. “The loss of Congressman Skelton as an advocate of Missouri and chairman of the Armed Services Committee would be detrimental to our state’s economy.” Read more…


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  • 1 whatadeal // Apr 1, 2010 at 9:05 am

    You guys don’t say a word about Roy Blunt (R-7th District) and his earmarks. What gives? Is this earmark thing just for the Democrats?

    Blunt is the King when it comes to buying votes with these earmarks.

    Tell the whole story or don’t tell it.

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