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WSJ Questions Cost of Rep. Skelton's Annual Trips to Guam | Missouri Political News Service

WSJ Questions Cost of Rep. Skelton’s Annual Trips to Guam

July 3rd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

“In February, Rep. Ike Skelton (D., Mo.) and 10 other lawmakers reported that their four-day trip to Hawaii, Guam, Japan and South Korea cost taxpayers $465 a person. Later that month, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D., Mass.) and a delegation of lawmakers went to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Hungry for five days, according to congressional records. The disclosed cost was $254 a person. A spokeswoman for Mr. Skelton said he couldn’t be reached for comment. A spokeswoman for Mr. Lynch declined to comment.” -Wall Street Journal 7/3/09

Now regular readers of MOPNS already know that the Congressman is quite fond of visiting Guam. He’s also quite popular in the island territory:

Congressman Skelton’s Yearly Guam Adventure! (2/13/09)

Great Job Dave “pretty boy” Cantanese! Only a year and half late reporting that the Congressman sure enjoys Guam!

MOPNS FLASHBACK: Now on to China…

August 27th, 2007

The Missouri Political News Service is pleased to announce that the first leg of Congressman Skelton’s South Pacific Congressional junket was a resounding success. As we reported earlier, Congressman Skelton was in Guam last week to attend the Guam Industry Forum. According to it’s website, the forum was to “provide for interaction with industry related to the multi-billion dollar construction program for the anticipated military build up on Guam.”

According to this local Guam blog, Skelton was a “big hit.” But why wouldn’t he be after making comments like these: Read more…

Our critics will argue, that as head of the House Armed Services Committee, Skelton’s responsibilities should include visiting military bases in nice and warm climates in the middle of winter, and we’ll concede that point. Our only question is why won’t Mr. Skelton make an aide available to answer questions regarding the cost of the trip?


MOPNS: (10/9/08) Rep. Skelton King of Pork



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