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Tremors & Ripples

February 4th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Mr. Howard is a state committeeman and current treasurer of the STL County GOP Central Committee. This piece was excerpted from a recent Missouri Matters blog post.

By Chris Howard

The deep is the ocean that is the American electorate – a complicated cultural social system, complete with tides, currents, temperature variations and depths. Contrary to the belief and even wishes of some politicians and pundits, there is one American electorate.

There have been many attempts to push the American people away from their culture and to deny what truths …”we hold self evident” Over decades the bedrock of this ocean floor has been hacked into, fissures created, the values weakened; the enormity of force from the ‘modern” world has put unimaginable pressure on those tectonic plates. Thus further exacerbating the chasm where many divided Americans find themselves.

The welcome advent of the non-partisan Tea Party movement and the emergence of so many organizations whose aim is to celebrate our real American heritage and to reestablish our bedrock principals is testament to the reality of the desired change, as opposed to so called “hope & change”. Hope is not a strategy! The tremors have been happening for a while now and the ripples on the surface have been witnessed. Last November and this January in Massachusetts, I believe, was the proverbial warning shot across the bow of the establishment of both parties. “Keep it up and there will be a real earthquake at the bedrock of the American electorate”; the result being a tsunami of real change dictated not by Democrat or Republican rather by conservative and liberal/humanist.

What we have now is a very restless and unsure electorate. Since the election of Barak Hussein Obama the tremors of discontent and disillusionment have been rapidly increasing. I do not believe he is the cause but rather a symptom. The people are angry and insecure. The GOP establishment has been generally lazy and substitutes effort for money. If you want your GOP back, it will take effort. Money alone will not make the difference.

We Conservatives must show up, put boots on the ground and make the effort.  Read more…



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  • 1 Matthew Silber // Feb 4, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Enjoyed reading this – he raises some interesting points. Although I’m very much against a lot of what the Democratic party has come to represent, I’m still unsure of the Republican Party’s ability to represent me – a lower-middle class, young man with wife and child. The Republicans need to transform the party into a more youthful image that speaks a message of caring for joe ‘everyman’, but understands wisdom, responsibility, and our christian heritage.

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