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Star Columnist Surprised @ Govt. Inefficiency | Missouri Political News Service

Star Columnist Surprised @ Govt. Inefficiency

November 5th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

 A “green” bus stop in San Francisco

Well, better late than never Mike Hendricks!

Sure, the investment bankers got their bailout money right away with practically no questions asked. But for stimulus payouts that might benefit the rest of us, the process slogs along like an army in the mud. Remember U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s plan to steer $200 million in stimulus money toward a 150-block area of the inner city?

Probably it was unrealistic to have expected that the so-called Green Impact Zone would now be abuzz with activity. That blocks and blocks of century-old houses would be getting energy-efficient windows and state-of-the-art furnaces in time for winter.

But who would have thought that, seven months later, there’d be virtually no activity and not even a tiny fraction of that $200 million disbursed?

For now, the project amounts to little more than a Web site and staff of seven that goes to meetings — lots of meetings — while awaiting word on grant applications. Read more..

Wrong question. Here’s the right question we asked back in April:

“We have to question if citizens living in dangerous neighborhoods, who send their children to dangerous and poorly run schools, really care about “green friendly bus stops” and “smart grid energy projects.Read more…


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