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Part Two: K.C. Star Biased? | Missouri Political News Service

Part Two: K.C. Star Biased?

October 23rd, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Yesterday, we shared a post with you that details the selective scrutiny of the Star’s liberal editorial board regarding campaign donations, former governor Sebelius, and a pro abortion PAC. Here’s part two of our series:

Neither the staggering influence purchased by ProKanDo, nor the heavy-handed ways in which the power has been wielded since, has been of interest to the KC Star.  In fact, the paper suffered a series of embarrassing scoops in the 36 months following the 2006 election cycle, including:

  1. Sebelius forced to disclose unpaid back taxes.
  2. Sebelius forced to disclose previously undocumented contributions from George Tiller
  3. A scandal involving a photo of Sebelius at the Kansas Governor’s mansion with Dr. Tiller, holding a t-shirt which appears to link her directly to Tiller’s electioneering efforts

 It’s easy to see how the KC Star Editorial Board could be so blinded – both personally and ideologically.  In 2007, following the election, many of them attended a gala fundraiser on behalf of Planned Parenthood, with both Governor Sebelius and national Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, where participants whooped it up and danced in a conga-line, even while Tiller and Planned Parenthood were the targets of two separate criminal probes.

When these facts are taken together, the KC Star’s strange fixation on a comparatively small series of campaign contributions in Missouri is more easily put into context – an ideologically biased context that is completely lacking journalistic integrity.  So next time you pick up the the KC Star, remember there’s a good chance their biased editorial board and the special interests lobbying them are only telling you what they want you to hear.

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  • 1 Tim Carpenter // Oct 23, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Don’t forget the Star’s biggest blown story of the century – the Paul Morrison sex scandal…

    Rumor has it they could have published BEFORE the Capital Journal, but they tried to do their allies a favor by burying it.

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