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Quote of the Day: Cardetti: “The Hardest Part of This Job is to Keep Your Credibility Intact”

October 21st, 2009 by sclemons · No Comments

Excerpts from “Liar” Jack Cardetti’s 2007 Q&A with Prime Buzz:

Where do you see yourself in 2027? “Hopefully I’ll be on a beach somewhere…”  (Just not at the lake, right Jack?)

What’s your biggest weakness? “I have what they call in the business a radio face and I seem to butcher the Queen’s English.”  (Is this a euphemism for your habitual lying Jack?)

Will you ever run for public office? “I wouldn’t mind holding office, but I could never raise the money it takes to get elected. I have trouble asking anyone for help…” (No kidding! You sure could have used a lot of help with your E-Coli whoppers Jack!)

What’s your job’s hardest part? “The hardest part of this job is to keep your credibility intact…” (No comment needed here, is there Jack?)


The Source: Well, At Least Templeton Has Job Security

Video: Political Fix: Will Gov. Jay Nixon take a swim in the lake? Not today



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