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Russ Carnahan Continues to Entertain the Nation | Missouri Political News Service

Russ Carnahan Continues to Entertain the Nation

July 22nd, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Congressman Russ Carnahan, most esteemed member of the lucky sperm club, continues to be derided nationally on the stand up comedy routine he gave at his recent healthcare forum. Mr. Carnahan had the audacity – with a straight face even – to say that Obama’s healthcare plan would eventually result in a $6 billion surplus.

Ihatethemedia.com: “Good news! We’ve finally found a member of Congress dumber than Nancy Pelosi”

“And the award goes to…Missouri’s Democrat Congressman Russ Carnahan for his role as Barack Obama’s pathetic bootlicking lacky.

Carnahan continued his unintentional laughfest when someone – apparently blogger Kevin Johnson of TheBlackShere.net – hollered out the logical question, “If it’s so good why doesn’t Congress have to be on it?” Read more…

CITZCON: Russ Carnahan what an effing joke

 “This loon is MY Representative…!!”



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  • 1 CHUCKtheFED // Jul 22, 2009 at 9:20 am

    I was at this meeting. His claim of $6B after ten years is from the C.B.O. estimate. What he didn’t mention, was that this same C.B.O. estimate claims that over ten years, $36B will be collected from the $1000.00 annual fines for anyone without a health care plan. These fines will be levies against the conscientious objectors, and the poor. Neither are going to pay, and if incarceration is involved, you can take that $36B ‘toxic asset’, and multiply IT by 36, and place it firmly in the I.O.U. column.
    Russ Carnahn, much like Herman Munster, is just too tall for his brain.

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