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Mannies Reports on MOPNS Revelation | Missouri Political News Service

Mannies Reports on MOPNS Revelation

July 8th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Aren’t the Democrats’ the party always talking about diversity on college campuses and in corporate boardrooms – and even on the Supreme Court?

Because we’re not FiredUp Missouri, we didn’t expect a blurb from the “semi retired” Jo Mannies today, hat tipping us on her post detailing Jay Nixon’s latest slight towards the African American community. Even in “semi retirement,” Mannies can’t seem to discover a good story, even when it’s thrown right in her lap! We do commend her for writing on this shocking development today – a day late:

No African-Americans now serve on UM Board of Curators

A spokesman for Nixon indicated Wednesday that the matter of race did come up while the administration deliberated on its selections.

“The Governor consulted a number of African-American leaders about who they thought might be best to fill the St. Louis-area slot on the Board of Curators,” said press secretary Scott Holste in a statement. “Almost to a person, those leaders thought Wayne Goode would do a great job representing the St. Louis area, and UM-SL in particular.”Read more…

The two questions we ask today are these: One, how credible is the story that “African American leaders” gave Jay the go ahead to not nominate an African American to fill this slot? And two, will the rest of the compliant, mainstream Missouri media continue to sit on their hands and give the governor a pass on this sensitive issue?



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  • 1 John Winston // Jul 8, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Governor Matt Blunt ensured that there are two of nine members of the Board of Governors at Missouri State University in Springfield are African-American. Unlike Democrats, who talk a big game, Governor Blunt chose an extremely competent St Louis area resident from the same north St Louis/ North county with a methodical and deliberate search.

  • 2 Jo Mannies // Jul 31, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I didn’t notice this entry until now — July 31 — or I can guarantee that I would have given you a “hat tip.” Sorry for the oversight. (Found this post during a “google” search on something unrelated.) I don’t make it a habit to intentionally snub other political blog sites. However, I also don’t visit every site before I post something, so I’m not always aware of what has been written elsewhere.

    Second: for the record, I am NOT semi-retired. I work full time for the St. Louis Beacon.

    Third: Thanks for the mention, even if it is to correct or challenge something that I’ve written.

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