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How Much Will Robin Carnahan’s Political Brown Nosing Cost Missourians? | Missouri Political News Service

How Much Will Robin Carnahan’s Political Brown Nosing Cost Missourians?

July 7th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Once again, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has chosen to appeal a judicial decision striking down a ballot summary which was found to be “inadequate” and “unfair” in its description of a ballot initiative. This echoes the court’s decision in a similar case from 2008, when her summary for a similar initiative to end certain affirmative action practices came under fire for being misleading – not a surprising charge given her proclivity to “enhance” summaries to further the Democratic agenda.

Of course, in her race to cultivate her public image and appease the party base, she has ignored one important fact: the cost of the appeal. Her appeal, which is almost certain to be denied, is using money that could be used to provide healthcare for Missourians or pay for new textbooks for Missouri students. Instead of writing proper summaries and minimizing costs, Carnahan is abusing her office in an attempt to appease the Democratic base – twisting the words of initiatives and then blowing through state funds to defend her absurd ballot summaries when they come under fire. She should be ashamed that she is wasting funds on needless litigation that could be put to better use in Missouri’s hospitals or schools.


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