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Clay Says Not So Fast on “Cap & Tax” | Missouri Political News Service

Clay Says Not So Fast on “Cap & Tax”

June 25th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

We all know that Cong. Clay is a lock for re-election every two years, so it really doesn’t matter how he votes in the Congress. But it is nice to see him stand up for his constituents and not fall into the limousine liberal’s Global Warming/Cap and Trade hysteria.

“It’s hard … in these economic times for us to say, ‘Bite the bullet’ and have higher utility bills in the winter and the summer,” Clay told The Hill.

We know to some people, $175 is mere pocket change, but to many of Clay’s constituents, the Democrats’ proposed energy tax will be a real burden on them.

Kudos to you on this one Congressman!


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  • 1 Jim Durbin // Jun 26, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    He buckled. The question is what it took to buy him. I wonder what it costs to make a Congressman vote for higher heating and cooling bills?

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