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The View From Inside the Limousine

June 22nd, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

In a post titled, “Rolling Back the Hysteria” our friends over at FiredUp Missouri gives us a prime example of why we call people of their ilk limousine liberals. When your looking out at the world from tinted limousine windows, we guess paying an extra $175 a year on your utility bills is no big deal in order to save the planet.

These “progressives” really don’t get it! The unemployment rate is 9.4% an inching higher. An extra $175 is a big deal when you don’t have a job and are depending on public assistance to feed your family while your home is in foreclosure. At today’s prices, $175 is almost six tanks of gas in the automobile I drive. An unemployed auto worker sure could use that money to fill up his tank while he’s out looking for a job, don’t you think? FUM also fails to mention that this extra $175 comes on top of all the other tax proposals the administration has been floating recently. No wonder consumer confidence is falling!



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