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Slay Has “High Praise” for ACORN | Missouri Political News Service

Slay Has “High Praise” for ACORN

June 22nd, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Besides the White House, ACORN sure has some powerful allies in St. Louis. Last week, Congressman Clay said he was “pleased” that ACORN was assisting with the census count. And now according to this blog, Mayor Francis Slay had “high praise” for ACORN during a recent ACORN/US Conference of Mayors sponsored conference call:

“Last May, ACORN Housing was awarded a $7.8 Million National Grant for Foreclosure Prevention Counseling to support ACORN Housing’s foreclosure counseling intervention efforts.

In addition to that grant, they were apparently awarded another $100,000 to offer these services to homeowners in foreclosure in the St. Louis, Missouri area by tyhe City of St. Louis under the leadership of Slay.

In an announcement from last year ACORN Housing insisted that this “counseling” is expensive. Their numbers don’t add up. Alton Bennett, President and Michael Shea, Executive Director say the cost to ACORN Housing is actually $750 per case. That means ACORN spent roughly $18,000 to assist saving 24 homes from foreclosure. Where has the other $82,000 gone.”

Probably to the Democratic party.


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