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Capital Punishment & Motorcycle Helmet Repeal | Missouri Political News Service

Capital Punishment & Motorcycle Helmet Repeal

May 26th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

“Nixon’s rejection of a petition for clemency in the state’s first execution in four years shows that on crime and punishment, this Governor is just as “throw the book” as any Republican.” – “Suck Ass” Dave Cantanese

Can you believe that an “objective journalist” actually wrote such an ignorant comment! It’s “throwing the book” at someone to not interfere in the execution of a quadruple murderer who was convicted by a jury of his peers and who went through years of exhaustive appeals?

And then to add insult to injury to prove what a fool he really is, “Suck Ass” Cantanese makes the monumental leap to suggest that this may indicate how Nixon may decide on the repeal of the motorcycle helmet law:

“Is that a leading indicator for his ultimate decision on a motorcycle helmet repeal? Seems odd that a law & order guy like Nixon would defy safety and law enforcement who plead that a repeal would endanger lives.”

What kind of convoluted logic is this??? Is it that slow now that the Legislature is out of session that we’re going to be subjected to this dribble all summer long?


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