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David Steelman Editorial: “Can the GOP Change?” | Missouri Political News Service

David Steelman Editorial: “Can the GOP Change?”

May 7th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

The Missouri Record has a guest editorial today from attorney David Steelman, husband of the former state treasurer. Mr. Steelman asks in his piece, “Can the GOP Change?” Here’s an excerpt:

By David Steelman

Elected Republicans, particularly in Congress, have expanded government; ignored the Constitution; bailed out failed big businesses with taxes collected from successful small businesses; and spent, and spent, and spent.  The Republican Congressional network of wasteful earmarks, corporate welfare and politically motivated subsidies simply recast the Democratic model of purchasing votes (ethanol anyone?).  Now, Republican leaders express surprise that in a fiscal arms race to decide which party can spend the most, the Democrats have won.

Of course, identifying past problems is easy.  Change will be difficult.  Under the leadership of former House Majority Leader Tom Delay and his lieutenants, the K Street project merged an army of interest groups and lobbyists with Congressional Republicans.  While the merged entity has been more involved in the business of politics than with governing, losing the confidence of the American people, the political power of this monstrosity is daunting.   In Missouri, the Republican “establishment,” a cabal of officials, lobbyists, consultants and advisers, has since 2000 prevented the nomination of any Republican for Governor or U.S. Senate who was not a member of Congress, a former member, or the son of a member.

If change is possible, it will come from grassroots Republicans who no longer support candidates simply because they are the lesser of two evils; and who expect solutions as well as obstruction. Read more…


Missouri Record: (Jay Barnes’ response to David Steelman) Missouri Republicans Are Strong Conservatives



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  • 1 DaveBrowning // May 7, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    I read Mr. Steelman’s editorial and Mr. Bailey’s response. Clearly, Mr. Bailey takes the position that nothing is wrong. Bah. Mr. Steelman got it right. If the Republican Party chooses to act like Democrats, why not just vote for the real deal?

    Until the Republican party returns to its core values, it deserves to loose.


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