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“A Day With Constituent Services” | Missouri Political News Service

“A Day With Constituent Services”

May 4th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Blogger Lisa Krempasky gives us a little insight into her recent frustrating foray into dealing with the government and specifically her elected officials.

“Next I went to Claire McCaskill’s office. It was located at the very edge of the artsy Loop abutting the hood. You walk up to the building and have to be buzzed in. Then they talk to you through a glass window. I spoke with Joeana Middleton who couldn’t hear me sufficiently until she came out from behind the glass. She was patient listening to my story, but not especially compassionate or helpful with my dilemma. She kept saying there was nothing she could do since BOA is not a government agency. She said the Senator could not contact a private company. When we discussed that as a taxpayer I was one of their owners that did not seem to phase her and she kept reiterating there was nothing Anyone could do. She suggested I go to a local bank branch. She would not take my contact information, refer me on or even tell McCaskill my story. Instead she referred me to the Senate website to send an email. Having just come from Senator Bond’s office where they at least had a program to make an inquiry I knew McCaskill’s office was really not doing their job for me.”

“My last stop was at Representative Lacy Clay’s office. It was on the edge of the elite Central West End. I walked into the office and had to laugh. There were papers and newspapers and stacks of stuff everywhere. It looked like a real government office including that there were no staff to be found except for the woman who was too busily engaged in conversation to help for a couple of minutes.”



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  • 1 Lisa Krempasky // May 4, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    Today no responses from either Bond’s office or Clay’s office. Stay tuned to see if anyone works for me. This was not just a test. I actually need these services. UGH! I bet if it was them having banking issues the problem would have been solved in 15 minutes.

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