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Linda Martinez: “Tell Them Whatever They Want to Hear”

February 5th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

As they say, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  Linda Martinez has just gobbled up her cake while she is also giving heaping platefuls of it to the Missouri Senate.

For years, Linda Martinez has been against any form of immigration reform.  She led the effort to ensure that Valley Park’s stand against immigration would fail.  Martinez publicly spouted her angst at laws intended to curb illegal immigration with an appearance on Lou Dobbs. 

Last week, she acted as if she had “seen the light” and announced her intentions to enforce Missouri’s immigration laws.  That would be nice if it was a true conversion, but the hypocrisy is evident.  She snubbed her nose at the State Senate by giving the St. Louis Magazine (February 2009 edition) the following one hundred percent contradictory quote:

“Through pro bono work, we recently challenged legislation in Valley Park that punished businesses that were hiring illegal immigrants.  Under the Constitution, immigration is handled at the federal level, but they were trying to put the burden on local businesses.  The effect of that legislation was so negative.  The nation historically has gotten stronger when we open our borders and work together than being isolationist.  For me – my father moved here from Mexico in the ‘50s to do his residency and met my mother at Barnes Hospital – it was kind of personal.”

But wait!  In a letter to Senator Jim Lembke, Martinez states her complete willingness to target illegal workers in Missouri and ensure that the State’s laws are enforced accordingly.  And in today’s news, Linda Martinez vows to enforce Missouri’s immigration laws.  “She has said previously that she would enforce laws regarding illegal immigrants.”

 So which is it?

In other words, Linda Martinez is willing to say whatever is needed to be confirmed – but she really does not believe any of it.  The real question that should be asked of Ms. Martinez is this: How she can be trusted when she has the audacity to say two diametrically opposed statements to two different groups?  Which one is the real Linda Martinez?  She had everything to gain by lying to Senator Lembke and the Missouri Senate.  She had nothing to gain by lying to St. Louis Magazine.  St. Louis Magazine has clearly gotten more truth from Linda Martinez than the Missouri Senate has.

We guess she will need to call Chuck Hatfield, the consigliere architect of her appointment and get some advice.  His clients, namely Monsanto need her confirmed so they can get your tax dollars.



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  • 1 Bob The plumber // Feb 5, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    It sure looks like she is eating all of the cake — as well as devoured all Senator Lembke’s cake as well!

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