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Blog CCP (RIP)

January 15th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

The Source today laments the inactivity of one of our favorite blogs written by Inspector Clouseau wanna be and Kansas City attorney Stephen Bough:

“Blog CCP, once run by now Jackson County Democrat leader Steve Bough, has not been updated since December 8th. The last two posts, one in December and one in November, were filed by Dan Ryan who seems to prefer his own blog, Gone Mild. It seems that without Bough, there is no CCP, at least not online.”


Maybe Mr. Bough’s time is being consumed by mass e-mailing more fundraising appeals to sitting judges official email acccounts:

MOPNS: (6/30/08)

I apologize in advance for using Dale’s email list.

I’ve had enough with Lembke attacking the Missouri Plan. The lawyers in this state MUST send a message that if you attack the Missouri Plan, we WILL fight back.

Joan Barry is running against Rep. Lembke for a Missouri Senate seat. What message do we want all legislators – regardless of party – to hear? I want them to hear that we will fight back. Its one thing to form a group to defend the Missouri Plan, but let’s fight our enemies as hard as Lembke is fighting against our judges. Who will join me by contributing to Joan’s campaign?

(Web address deleted for posting)

Stephen R. Bough



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