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Well That Didn’t Last Long! | Missouri Political News Service

Well That Didn’t Last Long!

November 12th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Looks like the Missouri Republican Party gave Governor-elect Jay Nixon an exactly one week honeymoon.

In a press release titled: “Nixon Already Backtracking On Promises,” the MRP accused Nixon of breaking promises to spend “$265 million to restore the old broken Medicaid system, provide $61 million in new college scholarships, plus millions of dollars in other new spending that magically he now cannot afford.”

From the release:

“It’s bad enough that Jay Nixon spent the last four years campaigning instead of doing his job,” said Tina Hervey, communications director, Missouri Republican Party. “Now, within a day of winning his election, Nixon made clear that he had no intention of implementing any of his campaign promises (which is a good thing for Missourians).  The economy and budget situation didn’t change the day after the election, everyone knew the things Nixon campaigned on were unaffordable.  It’s disappointing that Governor-elect Nixon is already breaking promises.”

And just think, with the elections over, we were starting to experience campaign withdrawal!


When we first saw this headline on the Political Fix: “Nixon will take his top lawyer to governor’s office,” we thought they were talking about “Consigliere” Chuck Hatfield. But then we thought, why would he leave a prosperous law practice when he can continue to profit from his friendship with the new governor!



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