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Moniteau County Elected Official Helps Trial Lawyers Silence the Citizens of Greene County | Missouri Political News Service

Moniteau County Elected Official Helps Trial Lawyers Silence the Citizens of Greene County

October 28th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments


Greene Countians Against Question 1 responded to the frivilous ethics complaint filed with the Missouri’s Ethics Commission by an out-of-town left-wing union activist by the name of Eric Moore. Mr. Moore’s frivilous complaint claims that the coalition’s Treasurer, Larry Russell, did not file his organization’s paperwork on time. It is a frivilous complaint that asserts that Russell should have filed the Committee paperwok on October 5, 2008. Since October 5th was a Sunday, the deadline for filing was, of course, Monday, October 6th.

Russell filed the appropriate documents with the County Clerk and Ethics Commission in both Greene County and Jefferson City. Greene Countians Against Question 1 had even confirmed on Friday, October 3, 2008 that October 6th was the deadline.

“We are witnessing an example of how low trial attorneys and their left-wing union allies will stoop when their control over government is threatened. This complaint by liberal trial attorneys is completely without merit and is frivilous. It is designed to malign our Committee, to distract the public, and we will seek action by the Missouri Ethics Commission and/or local prosecutors against Mr. Moore for abusing the system like this. More importantly, we are confident that our voices and those of Greene County will not be silenced,” stated Russell.

Eric D. Moore is an employee of the left-wing union AFSCME 72 based in Jefferson City. Mr. Moore is also an elected official; he is mayor of Clarksburg in Moniteau County, a county that elects its judges. Mr. Moore appears to be using his union office to attack Greene Countians as the phone numbers, address, email, and notary appear to be the Jefferson City offices of AFSCME. This represents activity that may be illegal under state or federal law.

In a message directly to Mr. Moore, Larry Russell said: “Greeen Countians are deeply offended that out-of-town union activists and elected officials like you are trying to tell us what we can and cannot say. Mr. Moore, work on your own community or your union’s efforts to elect Barack Obama and other liberals. Please leave us alone in Greene County, Mr. Moore.”



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  • 1 Lamm,j // Oct 28, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    Will Mr. Russell disclose where his funding is from? Rumors are that it comes, in part, from out of Greene County and possibly from out of state.

  • 2 Concerned // Oct 29, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Mr. Russell is absolutely right, Mr. Moore should work on his own community! In this election, there is a bond issue proposal for a new water system for the City of Clarksburg and Mayor Moore has asked the council to hold 2 town hall meetings to give the public an opportunity to ask questions and make an informed decision on how to vote. However, Mayor Moore recently announced that he will not be attending the 2nd meeting scheduled for Monday, November 3rd because his presence was supposedly requested in the “boiler room” with the Nixon campaign. He has also recently missed several of the regular council meetings because he has been out of town for his “job”. It’s obvious his priority isn’t serving the citizens who elected him but instead campaigning for the liberal agenda and filing cases with the Missouri Ethics Commission against those who oppose their views and ideas. Mr. Russell, good luck in your case against Mr. Moore!

  • 3 Randy McKay // Dec 2, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Wow, poor Eric. I know Eric very well and would not describe him as a ‘left winger” but a hard working soul who cares about working people. I suppose down south you may call that left wing, but its not how I would describe him.

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