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Missouri Plan – The Untold Story | Missouri Political News Service

Missouri Plan – The Untold Story

October 16th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

By James Byrne (excerpt)

In 1976, by special election, the Governor’s ability to reject the nominees presented by the Selection Committee was removed. This was not something that many people knew about. The only place the full extent of the changes that would occur should the voters adopt Constitutional Amendment #6 were printed, was in the papers that cater specifically to lawyers. At the voting booth, the voters were presented with:

“Changes authority and jurisdiction of Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and circuit courts; abolishes all other courts; creates associate circuit judges; amends non-partisan plan; amends judges retirement provisions; abolishes constables and St. Louis City prosecuting attorney; municipal courts become divisions of circuit courts.”

I don’t see anything in the ballot language that would tell the voters that the only method of elected representative accountability left in the selection of judges was being removed- do you?

We can thank Senator Bond for that! Constitutional Amendments are generally presented to the voters at the next General Election. However, then Gov. Bond, decided to submit this to the voters at the August Primary Election. Primary elections normally result in low voter turnout. The low turnout provides the political insiders with greater power to influence change. (You only need to convince a limited number, and then motivate them to vote). Constitutional Amendment #6 rewrote most of the Missouri Constitution that refers to the Judiciary. Thirty-seven parts were removed, and replaced with 33 new Sections.

Multiple attempts were made to ask Senator Bond about his motivation for presenting the ambiguous language to the voters at a primary election. However, Sen. Bond refused to supply an answer. Lacking any reply from the good Senator, we are left to draw our own conclusions.

Senator Bond, as Governor of Missouri, sold out the citizens of Missouri. He knowingly presented ambiguous language to a limited number of voters in order to destroy democracy.

When the lawyers and judges dominate the selection process and the governor must do what they tell him to do, or they have the authority to do it for him; that is called an oligarchy. No better terminology exists.

Thank you Senator Bond.

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  • 1 Ray Igleheart // Oct 17, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    We The People need Law’s in so we Can get the Corrupt Politicians out of office Quickly before they have time to pass the law’s and Rob the People of their TAX Money.
    They have Too Much POWER, This Power Should Belong too the People !!!!!!!!!

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