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Sen. Bond Editorials: “Staff Run Amok” & “Senator Smug” | Missouri Political News Service

Sen. Bond Editorials: “Staff Run Amok” & “Senator Smug”

October 1st, 2008 by MarkTwain · No Comments

“My biggest challenge is helping our office live up to the expectations of the people of Missouri. Rightly, they expect much from their tax dollars and it is my job to continue finding ways to better serve them” – Former Senator wanna be Jason Van Eaton

Both the Kansas City Star [“a vague letter and a weak apology”] and the St. Louis Post Dispatch [“Bond’s staff….made a mockery of the principle of federal prosecutorial independence.”] had harsh critiques of Senator Bond today.

In editorials titled, “Did Bond’s staff run amok” and “Senator Smug” respectively, the papers asked several questions that were sure the special prosecutor will be asking the Senator, his former legal counsel Jack Bartling, and low level staffer Jason Van Eaton.

One question the K.C Star seems to be asking is why didn’t Senator Bond testify under oath to Justice Department investigators?:

“Something smells fishy”

K.C Star:

Bond shirked his responsibility by refusing to be interviewed by investigators from the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s Office who were probing the politically motivated dismissals of nine U.S. attorneys.

Bond simply told investigators in a letter that he didn’t remember personally communicating with anyone in the Bush administration about Graves while Graves was serving as a federal prosecutor.”

“Too many key players refused to talk to the inspector’s staff.”

When you’re trying to cover up something, that means you know it’s wrong, right?

“Bartling’s first phone call to the White House came soon after that. According to the inspector’s report, Bartling requested that Bond not be connected to efforts to remove Todd Graves”

One angle of the story that the Missouri press seems to be missing is what role did “political pygmy” Jason Van Eaton play in this whole sordid affair? Did Mr. Van Eaton refuse to testify also? This is information Missourians have a right to know.

Insiders say that there was no love loss between him and political consultant Jeff Roe (speculation is pure jealousy.) I’d be curious to know why someone would jeopardize their career and reputation over petty jealousies?

Hey press, we know budgets are tight right now in the newsroom, but you don’t even need to travel to Washington to interview Kit Bond or Jack Bartling, Mr. Van Eaton is right here in Missouri running his company – Spectrum Consulting Group.

Where is Tony Messenger when you really need him?



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