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Sage Wisdom From “Rowdy Rod”

September 12th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Missourinet reporter Brent Martin followed up on our lead yesterday and further exposed the irony of the ethcially challenged “Rowdy Rod” Jetton – who is on his way out of politics and Governor Sarah Palin – an ethics crusader who has quickly emerged onto the national stage. “Rowdy Rod” has this to say about Governor Palin:

“House Speaker Rod Jetton says he never would have believed the impact Palin has had on Missouri Republicans. Jetton says that six months ago things looked really bleak for Republicans in Missouri. He says the environment has changed dramatically since the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.”

“Rowdy Rod” saying “he never would have believed the impact Palin has had on Missouri Republicans” is a telling admission. Maybe a little too much time having drinks and twisting arms in the “Speaker’s Vault” Mr. Speaker? May we respectfully remind you Rowdy that your fellow Repulican caucus members were planning a coup to remove you at the end of last session because of your dubious ethics.

We would think that anyone with an IQ – equal to their shoe size – could see that after your disastrous leadership, Republicans would welcome a fresh, clean voice on the national stage, state level, wherever!



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  • 1 JasonB // Sep 12, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Here’s a thought for you Scooter – I know thinking is new to you – but if there had been the votes to throw Jetton out – they would have.

    There wasn’t anything close to a majority of caucus members – just the usual crew of about 13 trouble makers. You know the ones that never accomplished anything to speak of but thought they should be in charge.

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